Dostęp do zawartości strony jest możliwy tylko dla profesjonalistów związanych z medycyną lub obrotem wyrobami medycznymi.

15 years together

Diana Bachmann

HumanOptics has forged a highly successful partnership with Consultronix for almost 15 years now. Developing international collaboration is vital to our continued success. Over these years, Consultronix has become one of our most important partners and was granted in 2009 the „Achieving Excellence Award” for outstanding distribution performance, followed in 2019 with the “Best Torica Sales Growth Award”. Close cooperation with users, surgeons, and medical specialists is also one of the cornerstones of our success. Hence, our Clinical & Medical Affair Department works closely with University Hospitals to develop innovative ideas and to conduct clinical trials and pilot projects. In this context, we are proud to have appointed Prof. Tomasz Żarnowski to our Medical Advisory Board in 2012. We see the future of ophthalmology in innovations towards increasing customized product solutions. Since the innovations of today are the standards of tomorrow, we are continuously working on developing new products as well as fine-tuning existing models. 2020 has been a fruitful year with the CE-marking of several IOLs including two trifocal IOLs with different platforms. These new models to be launched later this year or beginning of 2021 will strengthen our portfolio in the presbyopia-correcting IOL segment. We are also pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Diana Bachmann as HumanOptics CEO, effective already as of May 1, 2020. Diana together with the Management Team will continue focusing on our business priorities centred around innovation, leading quality, market expansion and performance. We look forward to continuing and further developing our close and successful cooperation with Consultronix.

Diana Bachmann