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3 years together

Adam Staudinger

Consultronix and HOYA SURGICAL OPTICS have been working for 3 years together to satisfy surgeon and patient needs. This cooperation allows us to be a stronger partner and meet the growing needs in Poland, a market of importance to our organization. Soon we are going to offer complete portfolio of fully preloaded hydrophobic IOLs. We recognized that we won’t reach the heights of success that we could by remaining solely in the monofocal space. It was imperative that we branch out into the premium multifocal segment. We may not be the first, but in true HOYA SURGICAL OPTICS fashion, we are bringing something to market that’s a step forward. By observing, listening and learning, we make things better. And we will continue this as we develop the Vivinex premium multifocal family with further differentiated benefits.

Adam Staudinger

HOYA Surgical Optics