Dostęp do zawartości strony jest możliwy tylko dla profesjonalistów związanych z medycyną lub obrotem wyrobami medycznymi.


Erich Bangert

On behalf of Heidelberg Engineering as a whole, I would like to congratulate the wonderful Consultronix team on the company’s 30th anniversary! As it happens, we are also celebrating our own company’s 30th anniversary this year! Even though 2020 has been a challenging year, I am glad to report that the results of our cooperation with Consultronix are excellent. Thanks to the team’s commitment and hard work, the sales of our imaging devices to Polish ophthalmologists are currently record-breaking. I still remember fondly my first meeting with Krzysztof Smolarski at our offices in Heidelberg in 2017. We were about to start our partnership, following the recommendation of a business friend. During that introductory meeting, I immediately felt our companies had a lot in common. It seemed like a great natural company-culture fit, since both companies place a lot of value on quality, reliability, and authenticity. I also realized both companies devote a lot of resources to professional training, both for staff and for customers through an Academy, hosting a wide range of in-person and online courses. That excellent first impression has proven right. Consultronix and Heidelberg Engineering enjoy an excellent partnership that has developed over the last few years, giving Polish ophthalmologists access to the newest generation of OCT devices for anterior and posterior segment. Agnieszka Sotoła and her team are not only experts in their field but also a pleasure to work with. Last year in December, we met at the Frankfurt International Airport to discuss a special project. When Krzysztof called me, it sounded urgent and it made me curious. In a few weeks we hope to harvest the fruits of this interesting project! Looking ahead, we remain very optimistic. Although the covid-19 pandemic is having an effect in the ophthalmic devices industry, I think the mid – and long-term outlook is very positive. We have developed tools to support customers in the so-called “new normal” – such as breath shields for all devices and numerous virtual events and training. More importantly, we continue to develop and expand our product portfolio, to offer ophthalmic imaging devices and healthcare IT solutions that help clinicians provide the best possible patient care.

Erich Bangert

Heidelberg Engineering