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Everything is cheaper from the Internet! – Really everything?

Karl Klamann

We are all used to buy products from the Internet nowadays. Actually it is not the Cable network or the Server itself we are buying from,but the term „Internet“ stands as a synonym of a huge number of supplying companies. Wherever and of whatever kind. Anonymous or even well known.Often we tend to risk the service quality or product features if just the price is right. Cheap, cheaper, cheapest. Search engines guide us to the lowest levels. (Almost) no matter what the company actually did to offer such lowest price. We often close our eyes about the conditions the employees are working at such Internet based companies or the hygienic environment, if just the price is good for us. We tend to become blindfolded just focussing on price. In the Eye Surgery field going blind is the worst thing to happen. Both, surgeon and patient have a total opposite aim togoing blind, it is: improving visual acuity. A supplier for eye surgery products needs to be reliable, provide best quality , deliver as fast as possible and with all top services with the goal to eliiminating the risk of a patient becoming blind. A role model as a top service provider in the medical business and know-how is Consultronix.Since decades I have followed the performance of the company and its employees at almost all levels. Consultronix has established lively connections and human communication with highly vaued customers and partners. Otherwise the success oft he company could not have been achieved. Eye surgery producs are not to be separated from consultation about application and all regulatroy and organisational affairs dealing with such in the background. That is not cheap, and can´t be. The Eye Surgeon needs to trust – and can do so – if Consultronix has been chosen to be the partner. But supplying top product at low prices? How can Consultronix do that? Again, with connection and communication by human professionals having undergone further professional training and with knowledge far beyond standard necessities. Plus, finding the right sources, reducing overhead costs and managing the logistics are appropriate means.Online shops from anonymous suppliers will not make it into the operation rooms on a long run and will not assist if needed.Buying eye surgery products from an Internet shop may be cheap, but causes numerous unwanted trouble and puts vision at essential risk.From my experience: „The dissatisfaction of poor quality takes much longer than the joy of low price.“„Value for money“ is the key point empowered by CONSULTRONIX and other global leading enterprises today and will surely be such in the future. Who is totally convinced of that?Cordially and with compliments.

Karl Klamann